iStudiez Pro promo in Apple Stores

Hi there! It seems that our app is being promoted in Apple Retail Stores in the US.

So in case you see the demo version exhibited in any store and can make some photos and send to us, we will be happy to give you a promo code in exchange.

Please only send us photos where the printed ad or demo version can be properly seen. When taking photos please ensure that they show the Apple Store interior as well (so that we understand that the photo has really been taken in one of the Apple Stores not somewhere else).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

06 Sep 2009 Thanks for everyone who have sent us photos of iStudiez Pro promo in Apple Stores.  We’ve received lots of confirmations that our app was in fact promoted by Apple, and it’s great 🙂
So thanks again, no more photos needed as we are out of our promo codes for version 1.0.3.