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iStudiez Pro for Mac to be presented at Macword Expo 2011

Since the Mac App Store has just opened and we saw you guys asking about why iStudiez Pro is not there yet, we decided it is time to let you know of our nearest plans and keep you updated.

We plan to officially present iStudiez Pro for Mac at MAS (Booth 818-1) during Macworld Expo 2011, January 27-29th. For now we are working to polish the app to make it enter the market nicely and conquer the world :)

Also, we have about 100 free passes to Macworld Expo in San Francisco, CA to be distributed, and we would like to give them to the users of iStudiez Pro. To get a free pass, send a photo where you hold your device with iStudiez Pro launched, clearly visible. Free passes will be distributed on first come first served basis.

We thank you for your patience and we appreciate that you keep voting for iStudiez Pro as Best App for Young Adults 2011

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39 Responses

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  1. Michael said

    Ooh… the icon looks great!!
    Can’t wait to see it :-)

  2. Harm said

    Will there be a discount for people already using iStudiez on their iOS devices?
    Can’t wait to use iStudiez for Mac :D

  3. Yes, I am so excited!

  4. Joshua shollenberger said

    Wow…..I can’t wait, its almost here I can’t believe they didn’t release it the same day as the release of the app store. Would beta tester be allowed to download the app earlier then the 27th…. I would love to use this app, for the upcoming semester it starts on the 18th of this month….

  5. Justin Mabee said

    Just submitted my entry! Hope I can get one. I would love to use the Mac app earlier than the 27th, but I understand waiting. I’d like to know if there will be a discount as well!

    Thanks guys, great product.

  6. Gerard said

    I love this program! I would love to use this for my current semester of school. Is there a Beta available? Sometimes its not always easy to manage everything on my iDevices as opposed to my Mac. Super excited for this program and syncing!

  7. Mark said

    definitely looking forward to this. wish you would have planned this to be released earlier. A lot of students start school in january which would be nice to have at the start of the semester

  8. Will said

    I’m really looking forward to this. I lost my iPod touch at the beginning of winter break, and now that school has started back up I’m really missing it. It’s good to know that in about a month I can be organized again!

  9. Ruben Sepulveda said

    My favorite app! But i had to make the change for ihomework because you guys mac’s version was not ready. My classes start on the 24th and i needed a mac version. Been with you guys from the start, but you let perfection be the enemy of good enough for now.

  10. Icon looks awesome! Can’t wait for it to hit the Mac App Store!

  11. János said

    Great news! Can’t wait to my hands on it :)

  12. Sounds great. Semester starts in 2 weeks, but I think I can live for a few more days without a Mac version… :)

  13. frederikemeier said

    Is this really happening? :-o

  14. Harrison said

    Please show us some screens! ;)

  15. Been waiting, for a mac version of iStudiez pro for a long time!!!
    Can’t wait!!! XD

  16. Christopher said

    Can iStudiez for mac sync with istudiez on my ipad and ipodtouch?

  17. Meagan said

    This really cannot come soon enough. I would not complain if there was a early release =]

  18. Philipp said

    I’m really looking forward for a desktop app that syncs with the iPhone. Just in time for the new term :)
    But looking at the current prices in the mac app store, I really hope that iStudiez is within the students budget.

  19. Alejandro Negrete said

    Please dont do the stupid thing and put it throught the Mac Store. I really need this kinda app and i didnt buy ihomework because of this. Mac Store is crap, theyre trying to change the way things work and thats not ok…

    I would really like to try this software before buying it. I wont buy it based on 5 screenshots and some guy’s review.

  20. Alejandro Negrete said

    I just lying, I want in Mac Store.

  21. TIMMY said


  22. Lee said

    can’t wait ~!!!!

    hope can sync with the iOS one ~ :-))

  23. Max said

    I hope this will sync with my ios app and hopefully not cost a small fortune, college kids cant afford a $20 day planner

  24. Michael Scott said

    frankly we dont give rats arse about this votings and best app review craps give us the mac version already…it’s been year since u guys said it would be released soon..come on

  25. Jeo said

    PLEASE PLEASE Make the app compatible with mac osx 1.5.8 =] i’ll buy it in the first day i have it in my iphone and it just rock!

  26. Sam said

    Diddo to all that hope spoken before me, this would make my life that much less stressful. Love the idea, keep it!!!

  27. Shaan said

    Can’t wait already! I held off on using this app just because of the lack of Mac software, and now, based on the phone app, I am more than likely to switch from Things!

  28. Chris said

    PC Version? One day?

  29. One day, maybe :)

  30. Aaron L said

    I’m so excited to have my data from istudiezpro residing on my Mac. You can imagine how much teachers hate to see students using their phones in class. I always have to hide my phone, even though I’m doing legitimate schoolwork! Please post screenshots asap!! And do you have a release date yet?

  31. MariozZ! said

    I really need this app on my mac.

  32. Niles said

    Are all the free passes handed out already?

  33. All the best in the Expo! Can’t wait for the Mac App, please make it sooner before my new semester starts in February!

  34. Alex said

    Awesome news! So glad that this app is coming to the desktop as well as being mobile!

  35. Christos said

    Hey it’s 27 don’t tell me I have to wait 2 more days! Well ok…

  36. Jonan said

    why is the app not out yet?? i thought you are releasing it on the 27th-29th?? what happened?

  37. John said


  38. nicolina said

    when is it going to come out in the mac app store?

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