iStudiez Pro for Android – Festive Update Released!

It seems like it is becoming our nice tradition – releasing updates during the holiday season. This is definitely the last update this year though 🙂

Schedule sharing, assignments widget, “next class” option…
To cut it short, we have lots of things added and will be pleased to hear your feedback.

We also polished the app and fixed minor bugs, so you can safely recommend iStudiez Pro to your friends, they will be happy to have their studies organized too 😉

Happy New Year from iStudiez Team!

  • Sarah

    Love the app! Would it be possible for a future update to include a calendar option for the assignments? I would love to be able to see them listed by their due dates so that I have a more visual idea of when things will be needed in my overall schedule. Also, could we get a full sized version of the monthly view? 🙂

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Sarah!

      Thanks for the suggestion.
      We will think about it.

      What do you mean by full sized monthly view?
      Please email us to support(at)istudentpro(dot)com for further discussion. Thanks!

  • Edu

    I love the app. I would like to be able to see new thinks like print a calendar with the exams and can add a note in a day (for example: When I click on 24th May the program show “You have a trip”). THANKS

    • iStudiez_Team

      Please provided us with a more detailed description of your suggestion.
      You are welcome to email us to support(at)istudentpro(dot)com.

  • Josue Mata

    hola, hace tiempo me descarge la version de android, pero ya desde antes usaba la version para ios y estaba enamorado de esa version, y como digo la version de ios estaba enamorado pero esta forma de presentar las cosas en android no es mucho de mi gusto, por que no la hacen igual que en ios?

    • iStudiez_Team

      We have to follow the guidelines for app development.
      They are different for iOS and Android.

  • Oliver

    When will windows app be updated? There are many small bugs and it lacks the grade chart function also.

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Oliver.

      Can you please inform what bugs have you faced? We may not even know about them, thus, feel free to share with us.
      Please email us to support(at)istudentpro(dot)com. Thank you in advance!

  • Zaria

    How do I get the app in my notification bar (widget, on my iPhone) to show my full calendar of events again? It used to show my full calendar of the day, now it only shows my classes.

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Zaria!

      The issue you have faced will be fixed in future updates of the app.
      We regret for the inconveniences you may suffer.

      • Zaria

        Awesome, thank you so much!! Love the app!

  • Sunniva

    Hi! I used iStudiez through my bachelor degree and was really satisfied with it. I used the point scale (1-20) for my grades and the GPA averge and everything worked perfectly. Back then I had an iPhone, but now I’m on Android and was so happy to see you’ve launched your app here too. So, to my question. I’m trying to use the letter scale now (A-F), but it nevertheless keeps forcing me to put in a procentage (X out of Y points or something) when I would rather just want to choose my letter grade from eg. a drop down list or something. In addition to this, the GPA got something confused, because it shows the GPA in percentage – not in letters. Please let there be a simpler way to do this – I just want the possibility to use the letters without any procentages as we don’t actually use this at my uni. Thanks 🙂

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Sunniva!

      Thanks for the feedback! We will think about your suggestion.
      If you have more ideas about how the app can be improved – please email us to support(at)istudentpro(dot)com, we will be glad to hear them from you!