Valentine’s Day Discount – iStudiez Pro for Mac is 30% OFF

You’ve got the app on your phone, but would love to use it on your Mac?
Then hurry up, as this is a VERY limited-time offer!

P.S. You’ve got it all? Then give iStudiez Pro as a gift to your previous Valentine! 😉

We love you guys, enjoy the day!

  • seattleboi1982

    Can we get better help system and support documention? email iStudiez is not the best way.

    • iStudiez_Team

      We are updating our Guide at the moment.
      Is there anything we may help you with?

  • Anni Davenport

    Hi there, are you still planning on implementing recurring tasks?

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Anni!
      Yes, we have this feature in our plans for future.

  • Walter Gradauer

    i have a problem, i have buy the app on iPhone and download the app on my MacBook Pro, whit my mail: but when i do the login exit a message whit an error: License validation cannot be performed at this time.

    I need help thanks 🙂

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Walter!
      Where did you download the macOS version of iStudiez Pro from?

      • Walter Gradauer

        3 Years ago

        • iStudiez_Team

          Please try to buy the app from the Mac App Store. It usually helps. 😉

          • Walter Gradauer

            Hi, I am repaying the application that I have already paid three years ago, I do not see why I should pay for an app that is run until two weeks ago …

            I hope there is another type of solution.
            Thank you

          • iStudiez_Team

            Do we understand you correct, that you have downloaded the app somewhere from the Internet and now curios why it doesn’t work? Is it correct?

            If we are wrong and you have already purchased the macOS version of iStudiez Pro 3 years ago, there is no need to buy the app again.
            You may download it from the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID as the one that was used to buy the app.