iStudiez Pro Drag & Drop feature available for testing

Why should I test it?
For the very same reason as always – you guys are right there, in the battlefield, so all your comments are proven by your sweat and blood 😉

What’s there to test?
Drag & drop within iOS 11 Beta. Oh, you shall love it…

How do I test?
Send us a message in any way you prefer: support email, Facebook message, Twitter, whatever. We will need your Apple ID for TestFlight.

Hurry as we are impatient to get your first feedback…

  • TheValk

    are you guys planning only to develop for ios or going to do something for windows and android too? It seems that windows and android have less functions and much much less beautiful UI…I bought the android version (which has been downloaded only 5000 times, meh )

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hello! Thanks for the feedback.
      Please inform what functions do you miss in the Android and Windows versions of iStudiez Pro?
      As to the UI – we have to follow the OS requirements for apps developers.

  • Jennifer Caelers

    Hi iStudiez team! I bought your wonderful app years ago and have used It religiously! Since a week I own a new MacBook, and I was wanting to install the macOS version of your app, but for the Pro version it requires me to pay for it again… Can I sync my account somewhere so I can get the same features and app on my Mac too? Thanks!!

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Jennifer!

      There is no possibility to bundle the purchases from different Stores and the app should be purchased separately for each OS where it is going to be used on. Thus, you have to buy the app from the Mac App Store if you want to use iStudiez Pro on your Mac.

      Using the same iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync account on all your devices (where the app is installed), you will be able to sync iStudiez Pro data between them.