iStudiez Pro now supports Apple Watch

Before we start telling you why this news is so exciting, let us give you a short preambula.

It is logical that we are interested to make iStudiez Pro better with every update, so the key eternal question for our whole team once and always has been simple: what is it exactly that students need in the app like ours to reach that unique and sweet feeling of comfort when they know that they have everything in the bag?
Yes, we put it as simple as possible here, yes.

When we explored all the opportunities Apple Watch can bring to students, we were amazed how fit is the very essence of iStudiez Pro with the idea of this device. App for Apple Watch was destined to save more time for our users and help you be more flexible in following the milestones of your schedule and progress of your studies.

Now, let’s see how wonderfully well iStudiez Pro and Apple Watch fall together:

The interaction of our users with their schedule in iStudiez Pro for Apple Watch is based on the principle of total customization and uncommon individual approach. For example, we implemented experimental tomorrow view that allows peaking at classes scheduled for tomorrow with just one swipe from Today view. Free time slot came naturally. Just knowing due time sometimes is not enough, and it feels good not to have to calculate how much free time is in your possession for this particular moment.
We added wonderfully handy Glance that shows remaining time for the current event as well as time pending for the event that follows. Will ease your life a whole lot! When it is time for you to go to the next class, a nice notification will pop up and help you refresh upcoming class details and location. Same goes for your assignments due and exams to take. The power of notifications delivered in all their beauty!

Option to choose which Calendar events you wish to see in iStudiez Pro on your Apple Watch helps see the overall scope of your plans in one place.
iStudiez Pro for Apple Watch helps you gather the most vital information within seconds and balance studies with playtime.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the new update and following your experience with iStudiez Pro on Apple Watch.
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Thanks a lot for your comments and feedback!