iStudiez Pro for Android – Sneak Peek

ESSENTIAL info before your eyes go down:

Phew, the marketing is done! 😎

What you see below is the first image of coming-so-soon iStudiez Pro for Android so welcome it warmly. We have started the development several months ago and we hope to release it in a little while. When exactly? Well, in due time so that you Android-based students have the chance to start your new semester smoothly with the help of our app.

Now, SERIOUSLY, it was you who told us we needed to start working on Android version.
So go and take responsibility: let your friends know what an awesome product they can get their hands on in a short time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you decide where the news spreads faster, but do it!
The more interest and subscribers we have the more enthusiastic we are and the sooner iStudiez Pro for Android will be there for you 😉