Welcome iStudiez Pro in the Windows Store

We just released brand new iStudiez Pro to the Windows Store, it was totally revamped and coded from scratch.

The app has completely new interface, we dare say much better than before.
Also the app is now packed with a number of improvements you will definitely admire, namely:

  • Assignments in Week pane added
  • Live tiles in Start menu added
  • New native notifications available

Please read the rest of the post with attention as it concerns not only I-consider-purchasing users, but also existing users who previously purchased the app through our website.

New Users on Windows 10

If you are on Windows 10 and aim to get your hands on the newest version of iStudiez Pro for Windows, then just go and download the app from Windows Store and use it free of charge. Cloud Sync with Schedule Sharing is the only paid add-on.

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Existing Users on Windows 10

A present for you guys! 😉
In case you bought the previous version of iStudiez Pro for Windows through our website and you want to upgrade to the newest version of the app, then follow these steps:

  1. Download iStudiez Pro from the Windows Store
  2. When prompted, in the app enter the license key you already have from the previous version of the app and you’ll get all paid features free of charge.

New Users on Windows 7 and higher

If you are still on earlier version of Windows operating system, but you want to get iStudiez Pro, you’ll be able to purchase the older version of the app (with Cloud Sync and Schedule Sharing options included) through our website, right here.