Your perfect companion for Apple Watch Series 4

Do you love Apple Watch? We do 😉
And as we do, this new update should also be warmly met by Apple Watch evangelists!

You can hardly deny that the combination of iStudiez Pro and Apple Watch is a definite win.
You get all the valuable info on your wrist, you are always notified about the upcoming classes, events & exams and much more!
And it’s true the Apple Watch Series 4 is an eye candy 😍

Oh my, now we seem like Apple Watch ambassadors! LOL

Ok, the new app update supports ALL Apple Watch complications including the new ones for Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces. Yes, it’s short, but it’s brilliant 😉

You’d be pleased to know that we fixed minor user interface issues some of you were annoyed with when using the app on new Apple devices. So for those of you who are perfectionists: you’ll now enjoy better the way iStudiez Pro looks on new iPad Pro, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.