See your classes with Siri Watch Face

We got actually excited with it as soon as we saw it on watchOS 4. Pretty handy!
You’d get excited too if you knew that you could actually see your schedule with Siri Watch Face.

How? Simple enough: using Schedule Sharing in iStudiez Pro you can export your schedule to the Calendar app and voilà!
Your classes will show up in the new Siri Watch Face.

What’s even cooler: they’ll be always up to date.


iStudiez Pro Drag & Drop feature available for testing

Why should I test it?
For the very same reason as always – you guys are right there, in the battlefield, so all your comments are proven by your sweat and blood 😉

What’s there to test?
Drag & drop within iOS 11 Beta. Oh, you shall love it…

How do I test?
Send us a message in any way you prefer: support email, Facebook message, Twitter, whatever. We will need your Apple ID for TestFlight.

Hurry as we are impatient to get your first feedback…


How about we work together?

As the iOS 11 Public Beta is out to taste, most of you might have already installed it.
If that’s so, the better as we have some developments going on regarding iPad version of iStudiez Pro, and we’ve got something to ask of you.

Remember we implemented Split Screen on iPad a while ago? We thought you might also like Drag & Drop, but we need your opinions to understand how exactly you would use it WITHIN iStudiez Pro.
Who would know better than you, in the end?

You are welcome to send us your suggestions as comments to this post or to our support email.
Ideally we wish to be ready with the new features for the back-to-school time.

Thanks a lot!


Vacations soon?! Not for iStudiez Team ;)

Instead, we feed on your feedback as our inspiration and make the app better with each update.
And here we go, it’s all about iStudiez Pro for Watch this time.

We saw for some of you Free Time slots in complication are rather unbearable (students study like crazy these days!), so now you can turn this off.
On the other hand, it was obvious you wanted assignments and exams to show up in Overview, so we added that. That is why we use Watch, right? Whole picture at just one short glance!
Love it!

And, feel free to choose grid or list view, based on your mood today.
Gosh, spread the word guys, the app is a gem! 😉

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Seems like it’s starting soon ;)

And there is no way to escape. Exams are waiting for you out there, just behind the corner, silently…

Go for them and win this battle! Stay alert way before they’ll be expecting you to be ready. One swipe right from Today pane in iStudiez Pro for iOS to see all your upcoming exams – and you’ll never be taken aback. Small present from iStudiez Pro team for you to achieve big.

Right in time, hah? 😉
Info worth sharing (AND reviewing), we would say…


iStudiez Pro iPad Split Screen Support

For those who love to be in control and think time management is not just something ephemeral, we are glad to present a new update of iStudiez Pro with a Split Screen option support.

The split screen option has been long available from Apple, but it took a long time to implement it gracefully with our app, now it’s all yours.
We hope it to be helpful if you are used to switch between iStudiez Pro and other apps, browsing or copy pasting the info to the app.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all our beta testers for their continuous assistance, nagging and reporting. You guys have our hearts.

Please talk more about iStudiez Pro, it is you who drive the tune 😉

P.S. We are aware of the course name show problem under Assignments pane. The work is already in progress!

Stay Tuned!

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Valentine’s Day Discount – iStudiez Pro for Mac is 30% OFF

You’ve got the app on your phone, but would love to use it on your Mac?
Then hurry up, as this is a VERY limited-time offer!

P.S. You’ve got it all? Then give iStudiez Pro as a gift to your previous Valentine! 😉

We love you guys, enjoy the day!


iStudiez Pro for Android – Festive Update Released!

It seems like it is becoming our nice tradition – releasing updates during the holiday season. This is definitely the last update this year though 🙂

Schedule sharing, assignments widget, “next class” option…
To cut it short, we have lots of things added and will be pleased to hear your feedback.

We also polished the app and fixed minor bugs, so you can safely recommend iStudiez Pro to your friends, they will be happy to have their studies organized too 😉

Happy New Year from iStudiez Team!


Welcome Christmas update of iStudiez Pro for Mac!

We’ve added macOS Sierra compatibility, Assignments widget and TouchBar support for new Macs (nice chance to think of upgrading 😉 )

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. Please update your reviews where possible, as your gift to us this Christmas 😉

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Pre-holidays update on air!

Getting ready for Christmas yet? We are!

Namely, adding some tasty features to iStudiez Pro.

Firstly, this update will bring along compatibility with iOS 10 and watchOS 3 (fixing some bugs brought by iOS 10 release itself).

Then, the new Assignments Widget lets you seeing upcoming assignments on iPhone/iPad. So now you can enjoy both Schedule and Assignments widgets in the app.

Lastly, on all iPhones with 3D Touch press deeply any class/exam/assignment and see details and some quick action buttons.

YAY! Please update your reviews for the app, as every update makes the app look like the newborn
(something to complain about, maybe…) 🙂

Thanks a lot and have a good day you all!

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