New Grades Graph in iStudiez Pro for OS X!

That’s what we do – we live, work and have fun by doing great things for you guys and by loving what we do. 🙂
We feel great when we know iStudiez Pro helps you in your academics, we are excited to see how the app is used in so many countries.

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s day with this great free update of iStudiez Pro for OS X, with amazing and super-handy new Grades Graph!
We hope it will help you visualize your progress and patch it where necessary to smoothly approach the finals time.

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”, a Roman philosopher Seneca once said.
Well, with iStudiez Pro you are prepared, now we wish you BEST OF OPPORTUNITIES on St Patrick’s day 😉

P.S. Just in case your friends are on Android: iStudiez Pro for Android is on its way!

  • Cassandra Cowan

    Hi iStudiez Pro,

    As I Have seen you have been working towards creating an app for Android, so do you plan on creating a version for google chrome or the chromebooks because I love iStudiez but would love a version so I can use it even more. Or even just a web version!!!

    Love your products!!

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Cassandra!

      We have not planned it yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • seattleboi1982

    would be nice to have the multiple grade scales as every class can be slightly scales different depending on instructor.

    • iStudiez_Team


      The Grades option in iStudiez Pro is very flexible and can be customized according to the requirements 😉

      • JJ

        How is this done? I haven’t figured out how to set a grading scale specific to each class. For example, my school doesn’t use +/- (i.e., A = 90-100, B = 89-80, etc…) but some teachers round up grades and others have weird grading scales (e.g., an 88 may be an A).

        • iStudiez_Team

          Please go to iStudiez Pro > Settings/Preferences > Grades > Grading Scale > Letters > set ‘A-F’ option
          After that go to the Planner > Course you require > Grades > Grading Scale > edit the scale the way you need.

          Please email us to support(at)istudentpro(dot)com if you need any further assistance.