Spring Update: Focus on Homework

For those who are more focused on their everyday assignments, we’ve modified the Today screen to show pending tasks apart from schedule.
The view with assignments in Today can be reached by mere swipe left (similar to Calendar pane), very handy when you only need to see your homework on top of your current schedule.

The feature is totally customizable: you can turn on/off the assignments that are overdue and program for how many days ahead you would like to see the upcoming tasks.

CRUCIAL: we ask you to update your reviews and be wise when commenting on the App Store, please. We also need motivation 😉

  • Shaunak

    ETA on El Capitan Update with Split Screen??

    • iStudiez_Team

      Do you face any issue when using iStudiez Pro in Split Screen

      • Shaunak

        Yes, iStudiez takes up approximately 5/6 of the page and few apps are compatible with it. There should be a way to make it take only half of the screen. One suggestion would be to make the calendar able to be cut when resizing the image on the Weekly view page and the same for the individual assignment view screen on the assignments pane. Split screen would be really nice with this app…

        • iStudiez_Team

          Thank you for the respond.
          Can you please clarify what monitor and screen resolution you use?

        • psaul3

          Same issue with Windows split screen, takes the same fixed size and all other apps squish to the side with the remaining space. My machine is a Surface Pro 4, with a resolution of 2736 X 1824