Seems like it’s starting soon ;)

And there is no way to escape. Exams are waiting for you out there, just behind the corner, silently…

Go for them and win this battle! Stay alert way before they’ll be expecting you to be ready. One swipe right from Today pane in iStudiez Pro for iOS to see all your upcoming exams – and you’ll never be taken aback. Small present from iStudiez Pro team for you to achieve big.

Right in time, hah? 😉
Info worth sharing (AND reviewing), we would say…

  • Kianoosh Vosough

    It would be a huge improvement if the revision tasks or revision timetable maker could be added to the app or instead of assignments tab it can be tasks and the tasks can be divided into three sub-categories of : reminders, assignments and revision.

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Kianoosh!
      Thanks for the suggestion. You may use Assignments feature for this purpose and differentiate your tasks by name, e.g.:
      – Reminder: bring a book
      – Assignment: task 2, 3, 4
      – Revision: pages 15-18

  • Kedoka

    It would be great, if the course can not only add in google calendar, but also outlook calendar(istudiez pro for windows).

    • iStudiez_Team

      Hi Kedoka!
      The Calendar URL generated from iStudiez Pro can be added to Outlook Calendar.
      Please read more how to subscribe to Calendar URL in Outlook here:

      • Kedoka

        It can strangely only shows exam on outlook calendar. But on google calendar and icloud calendar works well.

        • iStudiez_Team

          It may take some time for Outlook to update the calendars.
          Please try to contact Microsoft Support Team for the assistance as well (since the link works OK for Google Calendar and iCloud Calendar).

  • Hl89

    how do i Re-install the application to my PC? I paid but have no way to download the application.

    • iStudiez_Team


      Please inform us the email address you have used to place the order, we will send you the Registration Letter (the one you have received after the app purchase).
      You are welcome to email us to