See your classes with Siri Watch Face

We got actually excited with it as soon as we saw it on watchOS 4. Pretty handy!
You’d get excited too if you knew that you could actually see your schedule with Siri Watch Face.

How? Simple enough: using Schedule Sharing in iStudiez Pro you can export your schedule to the Calendar app and voilà!
Your classes will show up in the new Siri Watch Face.

What’s even cooler: they’ll be always up to date.

  • Ky Perry

    I have been looking for a way to contact the iStudiez team and this is the only way possible I have found. I doubt even this will work and will keep looking. I cannot get assignments to show up on my calendar. I paid for this app partly because I was under the impression this was a feature. I have looked at the FAQ and Support pages and followed the instructions but was left underwhelmed when my app did not have a setting it referred to. I am wondering how to make my assignments to show up as either dots on my calendar or paper clips as the FAQ said they would. Thank you

    • iStudiez_Team

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Days with assignments due are shown in bold in the Calendar of iStudiez Pro.

      As of now there is no option to show assignments like classes. We are looking for solutions.
      iStudiez Pro uses dots to show classes.
      Paperclips were used in the old version (for iOS 6) of the app and won’t be used any more.

      Some of our users are using “Classes” feature as a workaround to show assignments in the Overview/Calendar of the app.
      They plan the time they are going to spend for study and use classes entries for that purpose.
      Start/end time of classes and their repeat options helps to plan.

      Furthermore, using color coding you may keep both, your study schedule and “assignment” schedule in the app.
      Hope it may help you as well.

      If you need more assistance please email us to We’ll be glad to help!