Happy Chinese New Year!

Courtesy to our users of Chinese origin – Happy Chinese New Year!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all students around the world!

Our gifts to you are always simple yet very useful, right? 😉
So for the holidays week we present to you iStudiez Pro for OS X with 50% discount.

Enjoy our app and get the best out of the holidays season!
Good luck and high grades in the coming year!


Happy Hair-Rising Halloween!

Who says Halloween is just for fun?

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Major update of iStudiez Pro for Windows is available

We have been earlier quite busy with the updates of iTeacherBook and then iStudiez Pro for Apple Watch, so the update of Windows version was slightly delayed in time. When we finally started looking at iStudiez Pro for Windows current version we realized it was already a bit outdated.

So we had to take care of the interface first and foremost. Now, to take care of and to please our Windows users we are bringing you brand new look of iStudiez Pro. The app is now compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

We finally added notifications for classes and exams, they are very useful and will help you stay tuned to your schedule. You know that very well without us even mentioning it in the end.

You may also be enjoying the integration with Google Calendars. At that you are welcome to choose seeing third-party calendars in iStudiez Pro or vice versa, take a quick glance at iStudiez Pro schedule in your Google Calendar.

We refreshed the app’s interface to bring it to the unified design tradition among all the versions for the app across all devices, and made app icon look more elegant.

Launch the app and you will be prompted to download the update.

OR, for those who have not yet purchased iStudiez Pro for Windows, you can quickly do it here

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As always, we need your support for future inspiration!


iStudiez Pro now supports Apple Watch

Before we start telling you why this news is so exciting, let us give you a short preambula.

It is logical that we are interested to make iStudiez Pro better with every update, so the key eternal question for our whole team once and always has been simple: what is it exactly that students need in the app like ours to reach that unique and sweet feeling of comfort when they know that they have everything in the bag?
Yes, we put it as simple as possible here, yes.

When we explored all the opportunities Apple Watch can bring to students, we were amazed how fit is the very essence of iStudiez Pro with the idea of this device. App for Apple Watch was destined to save more time for our users and help you be more flexible in following the milestones of your schedule and progress of your studies.

Now, let’s see how wonderfully well iStudiez Pro and Apple Watch fall together:

The interaction of our users with their schedule in iStudiez Pro for Apple Watch is based on the principle of total customization and uncommon individual approach. For example, we implemented experimental tomorrow view that allows peaking at classes scheduled for tomorrow with just one swipe from Today view. Free time slot came naturally. Just knowing due time sometimes is not enough, and it feels good not to have to calculate how much free time is in your possession for this particular moment.
We added wonderfully handy Glance that shows remaining time for the current event as well as time pending for the event that follows. Will ease your life a whole lot! When it is time for you to go to the next class, a nice notification will pop up and help you refresh upcoming class details and location. Same goes for your assignments due and exams to take. The power of notifications delivered in all their beauty!

Option to choose which Calendar events you wish to see in iStudiez Pro on your Apple Watch helps see the overall scope of your plans in one place.
iStudiez Pro for Apple Watch helps you gather the most vital information within seconds and balance studies with playtime.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the new update and following your experience with iStudiez Pro on Apple Watch.
Remember to update your reviews and ratings on the App Store 😉


Thanks a lot for your comments and feedback!


Educational Discount: iStudiez Pro – Best Student Planner

In case you can influence your school’s decision makers or you are one of them, then now is the right time to consider purchasing iStudiez Pro app for the students of your high school, college or uni.

iStudiez Pro application is the perfect one to help your students stay organized, track and improve their grades, submit in time their homework and remember details and available hours of all their teachers.

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iStudiez Pro Windows version can be downloaded here.

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Use iStudiez Pro to the full!

Do you know that the latest update of iStudiez Pro for OS X has Semester’s Summary feature implemented? Let’s see how it works and what you can get out of it.

When you launch the app go to Planner first. Then click on any semester’s name. You will get the statistics for the whole semester including courses, study hours, assignments, exams, etc.

The Semester Summary allows sorting the courses by total and studied hours, see total and remaining assignments as well as statistics on your credits and grades.

More to it, you can edit semester’s name and its duration, the names of courses and number of credits, all of it right from the Summary. The progress bar offers you a visual reference of semester’s routine.



iStudiez Pro for Mac 50% OFF – LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Dear all, please spread the news that we now offer a 50% discount on Mac version of iStudiez Pro due to a featured promotion by Apple on the Mac App Store.

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NOTE: iStudiez Pro OS X update is now submitted to Apple for review.
Buy the app NOW and get updated version for Yosemite FREE, once it is approved and available for download.

UPDATE: iStudiez Pro OS X update is now available for download on the Mac App Store. The update is free of charge for all who already own the app.