Valentine’s Day Discount – iStudiez Pro for Mac is 30% OFF

You’ve got the app on your phone, but would love to use it on your Mac?
Then hurry up, as this is a VERY limited-time offer!

P.S. You’ve got it all? Then give iStudiez Pro as a gift to your previous Valentine! 😉

We love you guys, enjoy the day!


iStudiez Pro for Android – Festive Update Released!

It seems like it is becoming our nice tradition – releasing updates during the holiday season. This is definitely the last update this year though 🙂

Schedule sharing, assignments widget, “next class” option…
To cut it short, we have lots of things added and will be pleased to hear your feedback.

We also polished the app and fixed minor bugs, so you can safely recommend iStudiez Pro to your friends, they will be happy to have their studies organized too 😉

Happy New Year from iStudiez Team!


Welcome Christmas update of iStudiez Pro for Mac!

We’ve added macOS Sierra compatibility, Assignments widget and TouchBar support for new Macs (nice chance to think of upgrading 😉 )

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. Please update your reviews where possible, as your gift to us this Christmas 😉

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Pre-holidays update on air!

Getting ready for Christmas yet? We are!

Namely, adding some tasty features to iStudiez Pro.

Firstly, this update will bring along compatibility with iOS 10 and watchOS 3 (fixing some bugs brought by iOS 10 release itself).

Then, the new Assignments Widget lets you seeing upcoming assignments on iPhone/iPad. So now you can enjoy both Schedule and Assignments widgets in the app.

Lastly, on all iPhones with 3D Touch press deeply any class/exam/assignment and see details and some quick action buttons.

YAY! Please update your reviews for the app, as every update makes the app look like the newborn
(something to complain about, maybe…) 🙂

Thanks a lot and have a good day you all!

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Welcome iStudiez Pro on Android!

We can hardly believe it’s been 7 years since iStudiez Pro was released to the world. So we want to celebrate it properly: iStudiez Pro Android version launches now!

Most important piece of news first:
As a tribute to the Back-To-School period the app will be available on Google Play Store for 1,99 USD – ONLY during TWO weeks after release date! Let’s rock-start the launch 😉

Now the functional part:
The Android version complements to the range of platforms where iStudiez Pro is available now. All app versions sync between each other smoothly and free of charge.
Please keep in mind that only after mass-launch (read: when you guys start using it A LOT) we’ll be able to see and fix minor bugs that somehow crawl into every virgin release. You know the steps: email to our support and we’ll magically solve all your issues, as always.

And the sentimental part (come on, everyone does that!):
Used in everyday academic life by hundreds of thousands of high school, college and university students across the globe, iStudiez Pro won respect and became trustworthy application that constantly gets recommended by students to students, year by year.

So as soon as we all know how great the app is, let’s do more.
Please talk about iStudiez Pro in your social networks, refer to our website or Facebook page or Twitter. Small mentions by each of you will inspire us to bring more wonderful things and projects to you in the future!

Enjoy iStudiez Pro on Android!
We stay in touch!


La mejor aplicación para estudiantes

Freshest Spanish review of iStudiez Pro by Emanuel Manzaniatico.


To our friends across the world!

Did you know? We have friends in more than 30 countries!

It’s been 7 years (!!!) since students all over the world started using iStudiez Pro.
We’ve got reviews and emails from Europe and Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Latin America, China, India, Australia, Africa!
We think we haven’t got any from Antarctica, but we just need to accept that, right?

It is thanks to all of you guys (although those from twitter and emails could have also liked our FB page btw…) that we learned, found inspiration and motivation, developed and continue to do so!
Having friends all over the world is an amazing feeling and we want to share it with you!

Have a good day and let’s talk more!


Spring Update: Focus on Homework

For those who are more focused on their everyday assignments, we’ve modified the Today screen to show pending tasks apart from schedule.
The view with assignments in Today can be reached by mere swipe left (similar to Calendar pane), very handy when you only need to see your homework on top of your current schedule.

The feature is totally customizable: you can turn on/off the assignments that are overdue and program for how many days ahead you would like to see the upcoming tasks.

CRUCIAL: we ask you to update your reviews and be wise when commenting on the App Store, please. We also need motivation 😉


New Grades Graph in iStudiez Pro for OS X!

That’s what we do – we live, work and have fun by doing great things for you guys and by loving what we do. 🙂
We feel great when we know iStudiez Pro helps you in your academics, we are excited to see how the app is used in so many countries.

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s day with this great free update of iStudiez Pro for OS X, with amazing and super-handy new Grades Graph!
We hope it will help you visualize your progress and patch it where necessary to smoothly approach the finals time.

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”, a Roman philosopher Seneca once said.
Well, with iStudiez Pro you are prepared, now we wish you BEST OF OPPORTUNITIES on St Patrick’s day 😉

P.S. Just in case your friends are on Android: iStudiez Pro for Android is on its way!


iStudiez Pro for Android – Sneak Peek

ESSENTIAL info before your eyes go down:

Phew, the marketing is done! 😎

What you see below is the first image of coming-so-soon iStudiez Pro for Android so welcome it warmly. We have started the development several months ago and we hope to release it in a little while. When exactly? Well, in due time so that you Android-based students have the chance to start your new semester smoothly with the help of our app.

Now, SERIOUSLY, it was you who told us we needed to start working on Android version.
So go and take responsibility: let your friends know what an awesome product they can get their hands on in a short time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you decide where the news spreads faster, but do it!
The more interest and subscribers we have the more enthusiastic we are and the sooner iStudiez Pro for Android will be there for you 😉