Multiplatform Sync via Subscription

Just to remind that we switched to the freemium model in the beginning of 2019.
iStudiez Pro app became free to download with Cloud Sync available as in-app purchase option on every platform.
That was the first step towards changing the philosophy of the app and we continued working on that further.

Please welcome the updated version of the app where we switched to the Subscription Model with the Multiplatform Sync.
It allows you to sync your iStudiez Pro data across all the supported platforms (including Android).
Download the app, get paid plan and sync across all platforms, simple as that.

NO, the update will NOT affect users who once purchased iStudiez Pro.

NO, the update will NOT automatically switch you to the Subscription plan.
You can purchase the plan later when and if you deem it necessary.

We are working on including some more candies in the Subscription plan, let’s leave it for the next blog post.
Should you have any questions or doubts related to the above message, please feel free to ask us at, on Facebook or Twitter.

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Transfer to FREEMIUM mode

Lots of students started using iStudiez Pro this year and the word of mouth spreads like fire. Now, today’s model of a nice app is to give the basics for free to satisfy even most careful users, while offering advanced specific features as a paid option for those of you who want more.

Oh yes, we are being nicely articulate, all for you guys 😉

iStudiez Pro changes to the freemium model on ALL platforms, and it is one of those nice cases when the demand is here and the time is right.

This relates first and foremost to the new users: you download the app for free for all your devices, and then if you wish your data to be synched across devices or if you wish to share your schedule, then you purchase the full version on every platform where you would like to sync.

Ok, what exactly it means for existing users? Nothing.
All you paid for is still there for you, and you don’t have to pay for anything in the app again.

ANTICIPATE more features to be added to full version in the near future, we are fountaining with ideas, so go out and give everyone a shout for us 😉

IMPORTANT: We have removed the LITE version of the app from the App/Mac App Store.
If you can’t imagine your life without iStudiez Lite, you’ll have to think of transferring to full version from now on, your app data will migrate safely.

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen!

We are happy to enter the 2019 with you as part of our growing family!

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Perfect match for All-Night Learners!

There are many things we love seeing come in this world, and the Dark Mode on macOS Mojave is definitely one of those.
How about switching to the soothing-to-the-eye subdued screen somewhere in the middle of the night when you are sitting for your finals and can’t stand the biting shiny interface anymore?
We are there for you guys, you know that right?

So enjoy and nail the grades hah? 😉
Good luck!

P.S. We don’t mind if you update your reviews the same as we never minded you promote our app for the younger generations 😉

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Your perfect companion for Apple Watch Series 4

Do you love Apple Watch? We do 😉
And as we do, this new update should also be warmly met by Apple Watch evangelists!

You can hardly deny that the combination of iStudiez Pro and Apple Watch is a definite win.
You get all the valuable info on your wrist, you are always notified about the upcoming classes, events & exams and much more!
And it’s true the Apple Watch Series 4 is an eye candy 😍

Oh my, now we seem like Apple Watch ambassadors! LOL

Ok, the new app update supports ALL Apple Watch complications including the new ones for Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces. Yes, it’s short, but it’s brilliant 😉

You’d be pleased to know that we fixed minor user interface issues some of you were annoyed with when using the app on new Apple devices. So for those of you who are perfectionists: you’ll now enjoy better the way iStudiez Pro looks on new iPad Pro, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

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iStudiez Pro for iOS & watchOS. Beta Testers are welcomed!

Do you enjoy your new Apple Watch Series 4? Curious to try how handy iStudiez Pro is there?

We have released the new beta version of iStudiez Pro for iOS and watchOS recently and everyone can join the team of beta testers!
Would you like to try it? Follow this link then!

For most, we’d like you to pay attention to 1) how the app looks & works on new complications for Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces on Apple Watch Series 4, and 2) if it works OK on new Apple devices, such as iPad Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max.

Yes, we are aware of the issue that you can be logged out from the Cloud Sync session while running the Beta.
Well, no one is perfect 😉

So please go ahead, try and tell us what you think!
Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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New update of iStudiez Pro for Android

We’re excited to bring you the new and fresh update of iStudiez Pro for Android!

First, the biggest news we can’t wait to share with you is that the Android version of the app becomes FREE now.
The only paid option is the Cloud Sync service with the related features (like Schedule Sharing).
But don’t worry, you are eligible to upgrade for free if you’ve already bought the app from the Play Store before.

With every new update we keep iStudiez Pro look modern and native on every platform where it runs.
Recently we have updated the app for iOS and now it is the turn for its sibling on Android.

Meet the new look of icons for you classes and hobbies, including Medical and Recreation icon packs.

If you want to keep an eye on your upcoming exams you may now see them in the new Exams tab in the app.
You can also convert your class into exam from Overview and Week View tabs. Pretty handy, right? 😉
And, with the new Course Statistics feature added, you will keep a track of your classes, assignments and grades.

And the last but not the least: we have fixed lots of minor, but annoying bugs you might have faced before.
So why not update your iStudiez Pro right now and tell us what you think?

Don’t forget to spread the word about the new update among your faithful friends and fellow classmates!
You are also welcome to update your reviews as well 😉

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Welcome iStudiez Pro in the Windows Store

We just released brand new iStudiez Pro to the Windows Store, it was totally revamped and coded from scratch.

The app has completely new interface, we dare say much better than before.
Also the app is now packed with a number of improvements you will definitely admire, namely:

  • Assignments in Week pane added
  • Live tiles in Start menu added
  • New native notifications available

Please read the rest of the post with attention as it concerns not only I-consider-purchasing users, but also existing users who previously purchased the app through our website.

New Users on Windows 10

If you are on Windows 10 and aim to get your hands on the newest version of iStudiez Pro for Windows, then just go and download the app from Windows Store and use it free of charge. Cloud Sync with Schedule Sharing is the only paid add-on.

English badge

Existing Users on Windows 10

A present for you guys! 😉
In case you bought the previous version of iStudiez Pro for Windows through our website and you want to upgrade to the newest version of the app, then follow these steps:

  1. Download iStudiez Pro from the Windows Store
  2. When prompted, in the app enter the license key you already have from the previous version of the app and you’ll get all paid features free of charge.

New Users on Windows 7 and higher

If you are still on earlier version of Windows operating system, but you want to get iStudiez Pro, you’ll be able to purchase the older version of the app (with Cloud Sync and Schedule Sharing options included) through our website, right here.

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Welcome your assignments in the Week pane

The feature you’ve been asking for is now here!

Your assignments can be seen in the Week pane of the app for easier planning of your working load. Check when your assignments are due and how much time you have before you should turn them in! Adds to your self-organization and to our karma.

Curios about what other great features the new update will bring? Here you go!

  1. This update brings you the ability to swipe weeks in the Week pane with your touchpad.
    Browse your schedule, like, fast and furious!
  2. Those red exam days in the Week view became more visible for better differentiation.
    Be organized like never before!
  3. Convert your class into exam event.
    Do it immediately with just a few clicks, and no need to add a separate exam entry. Simply right click on a class entry in the Overview and check “Convert to exam” option. Voilà! The aesthetic impression of your schedule in the Week pane is not ruined.
  4. The refreshed look of the icons in the app.
    It was quite a while since we updated them, so we fixed that and they look yummy!

You may like to know that we have fixed the bug of reflecting the event that lasts for a few days in the Calendar of the app. The dots for the event are now shown for ALL days of the period of duration.
Furthermore, the app now takes much less valuable screen space in Full Screen mode, so you can easily use it along with other apps that will definitely improve your workflow.

We are always glad to receive your feedback in our blog, Facebook, Twitter or email.
You often send us interesting ideas so please keep on doing that.



Changes to our Privacy Policy

On May 25, 2018 the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for better protection of EU citizens private data comes into force.
Accordingly, we have updated our Privacy Policy to meet the requirements of GDPR compliant, as part of our users comes from EU.

NOTE that Privacy Policy applies to ALL our users, and although there were no significant changes made to the text, but as always in such cases we recommend all our users to re-read it.

Should our users have any questions, please let us know.
Otherwise, we will assume you’ve accepted the changes and had no claims whatsoever.

Thanks for your attention!

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Meet the Grade Graph on iOS

It’s been a while since we’ve introduced the Grade Graph feature on Mac. First introduced as an experiment, the Grade Graph turned out to be an elegant and charming way to keep visual track of your grades. Kindly meet the Grade Graph on iPhone and iPad.

The Graph pictures your academic progress in real time. It’s kinda easier to see how your grades progress (now we hope they are!) and get a nice visualization of your “studying tendencies”.

Now how to find it? You can see it right in the Planner on your iPad. On your iPhone the Planner is the location too, you just need to tap the course in question and switch to the landscape view.

The Grade Graph always lets you know whether you do well or it’s time to get your… hm… self to your desk and study hard.

So enjoy and please share the news in your social networks, we appreciate any support to our app’s development 😉


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